Moving to music with another can be one of the greatest pleasures of life. Learning how to do it can be just as gratifying. We are New York Partner Dance, a private-lesson studio specializing in fun, focused and personal dance instruction.

Discover the rhythms of Salsa/Mambo, East and West Coast Swing, Foxtrot, Argentine Tango, Samba, Hustle and more. Learn how to dance to any genre of music, be prepared for parties, weddings, or a night on the town. Whether you are learning by yourself or with a partner, you will work personally with a highly trained instructor in your own private studio space.

Learn to dance faster and better by concentrating solely on your personal goals instead of getting lost in the masses with group classes.

Unity Ball organized by Nathan Hescock, featuring Edyta Sliwinska

Visit unityball.info for details
Second Annual Unity Ball November 2010

What You Will Experience

Taking private lessons means you get to learn what you want when you want.

It is our privilege to host you in our upscale private-lesson dance studio, conveniently located in the heart of Manhattan on Broadway at 32nd Street, close to most subway lines, PATH train and one block from Penn Station. We are open seven days a week for your convenience.

Each 55 minute lesson is held in private studios tastefully decorated by our sister company, Furnish Green, Inc. There is no sharing rooms or music with other instructors, nor the chaotic energy of group classes associated with most large dance studios. New York Partner Dance has created a conducive atmosphere that allows for the right mixture of structure, spontaneity, communication and physical musicality that new dancers need to best express themselves.

Studio amenities include refreshments, CD and iPOD capacity, and a plethora of in-house music. You can pay as you go or choose from our menu of dance packages that include savings, gift certificates, and free practice sessions.

Experts say NY Partner Dance is good for you!!

"Partner dance is more than just romantic and fun. Studies have shown it can reduce depression and enhance relationships. It's a good thing not everyone knows how beneficial partner dance is.
These guys could put psychotherapists like me out of business. "

Michael Fink, LCSW, Adult Psychotherapist


Individual Private ~ 1 lesson @ $97

Bronze Package ~ 6 Lessons @ $88 each ($528)
Bonus! $25 gift certificate for friends or family
$25 gift certificate for Furnish Green

Silver Package ~ 10 Lessons - @ $85 each ($850)
Bonus! $50 gift certificate for friends or family
$50 gift certificate for Furnish Green
1/2 hour practice session

Gold Package ~ 20 lessons @ $82 each ($1640)
Bonus! $75 gift certificate for friends or family
$75 gift certificate for Furnish Green
1 hour practice session

Platinum Package ~ 50 lessons @ $75 each ($3750)
Bonus! $100 gift certificate friends or family
$100 Gift Certificate Furnish Green
3 hours practice sessions
special prize